We support the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, and ensure all our services comply with its provisions.

We are fully committed to our users’ rights to privacy and personal data protection. As an EU resident, you have rights to control information related to your personal data as follows:

  • Understand what information we do collect;
  • Request retrieval of your personal data;
  • Request removal of your personal data.

What information we collect? As a part of our services, we collect certain personal information and use 3rd party services (which are GDPR compliant) for the following purposes.

Data Purpose
Unique identificator of the user for authorization and only communication channel.
Identificator of the user for authorization purposes.
Used to identify a user and create invoice.
Used to identify a user and create invoice.
User password to authorize in the platform - encrypted with Bcrypt.
Temporary state to identify status of the user link with the resource.
Unique product license created by the user that can be activated on the users' platform to receive services provided by the resource.
Tickets environment
Data about users's system environment for support purposes. Data is used to identify possible issues between the product and users' system.
Tickets credentials
Temporary site login credentials shared by the user with the platform operators in order to access users' system and identify possible issues between the product and users' system.
Tickets Description
Description of the possible issues provided by the user of the platform.
Tickets attachments
Additional attached data by the user to describe the possible issues between users' system and the product.
Third party service to link user with the profile image service - Gravatar. (Gravatar is GDPR compliant)
AI prompts
To analyze AI requests as a collection and improve the quality of the service
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